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You can list any space with ease, from a single warehouse bay or an entire yard, to a full building and everything in-between. Listing spaces will always be free.

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Choose rental options that suit your needs

Customize the amount of space, when it is available, decide on a single price or multiple pricing options, the amenities you are including and which are at an extra cost based on usage.

Watch for your first rental inquiry

Rentals inquiries are sent directly to your inbox so you can communicate with those interested via existing communication methods, nothing new to learn!

Rental Terms and Payment

You decide on the terms you want

When you receive an inquiry, it is then up to you to connect and talk about rental terms. Space4Rent Network sites simply handle making others aware that your space is available, all other items are handled offline between you and the interested party.

Handle payments the way you always have

Space4Rent Network sites do not manage payment transactions so there are no security risks with high value transactions. You and the interested party come to terms with how funds are transferred so this follows existing payment processes of your company.