Your shop Foreman should also be an Innkeeper!

29 September 2021
construction and industrial foreman space for rent management

Wait! What?!

Yes, you heard me correctly. Your shop Foreman should not just be making your shop run efficiently but should also be paying attention to vacant space inside your shop, even a single bay, that could be rented out on a short-term basis. How? It’s easy and it’s called the Flex Space Concept for Industrial Spaces – the leader in this field is . Simply list your space on the site and start attracting potential tenants when seasonality and workflow have your shop underutilized. Remember that your seasonality may be different than other companies in other industries. Perhaps a manufacturing group needs space to handle a bulge contract, or, an equipment supplier has inadequate space in its shop while yours is nearly empty. Whatever the connection, there is money to be made!

If you list your space on the above network of spaces, it is free for a year. This site simply connects you to potential tenants and you decide if it is the right fit. Nothing to lose!
Join today.

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