Are you looking for a new industrial yard, shop, and office space because your existing space is too big? Here is what your Industrial Realtor does not want you to know!

20 September 2021
bigger industrial yard, industrial shop, and office space for rent Calgary

You may not need to move!

Realtors are paid commissions for signing you into long-term leases and/or selling you a new location and selling your old place. But seriously, we all know our businesses are seasonal and markets come and go. Are you saying your office, yard, and shop are always going to be too big? Or is there a chance the market might come back?

What if I gave you an option to rent out your vacant space, or portions thereof, on both a short-term and long-term basis to make a healthy return on your vacant or partially vacant facilities while you wait? Introducing ShopSpace4Rent You can connect directly with owners of companies looking for space so you will now be their first choice whether they are in construction, manufacturing, transportation, or distribution. If the market is not allowing you to make money as a contractor, you can make it as a landlord and hold off that sale and hang on until times get better. This is the Airbnb equivalent for industrial space.

Space4RentNetwork is free for the first year after sign-up. You have nothing to lose, so why not give it a shot!

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