Is your Construction company off the beaten path geographically? You may have a gold mine at your fingertips!

17 September 2021
construction heavy equipment storage for rent industrial space for rent

The more obscure the location of your property, the more you want to make sure you are visible to transient companies as they pass through for a single project. There is big moolah to be made if you can solve their short-term space needs. Everything from staging equipment in your yard, to renting a portion of your office, or renting a bay in your shop- you can be the only option. Cha-Ching!

Consider a company who secures a highway contract near you or maybe a contract inside a nearby coal mine. They may need everything from a short-term staging area for their fleet, to a shop to perform repairs, a couple office spaces, or even just a temporary c-can. When you are the only option, you may be able to have a short-term rental that pays for your staff Christmas party from a single transaction. If this appeals to you then you better list your property on This is where short-term space needs are solved owner to owner. List your space, increase your exposure, and then you vet your tenants. Space4RentNetwork is free for the first year after sign-up. You have nothing to lose so why not give it a shot!

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