Get to know the industrial zones of White Rock, BC, Canada

Explore more details before you rent space.

Facts and Figures

The city of White Rock is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is part of the Metro Vancouver region. To the south, it is bordered by Semiahmoo Bay; to the north, it is bordered by South Surrey. As per the 2016 survey, the city of white rock has a population of 19,952 inhabitants.

Why White Rock, BC

Are you considering moving your business (warehouse, yard, or industrial shop) to White Rock, BC? Well, you can decide better if you know all the pros. The following are some reasons why you might want to move to White Rock [1]:

Great weather: The weather is better. That's true, it is. There are fewer rainy days there than in Vancouver, apparently because of more sunshine there.

Proximity to Major trade hubs: There are several nearby communities in Canada, as well as the U.S. border, that are easily accessible by public transport.

Great public amenities: You'll find all the amenities you would expect from a Metro Vancouver municipality here.

Return of businesses: A few years ago, businesses began leaving White Rock. However, a revival is on the way, probably from a foreign investment [2].

Far from big-city: Well this may sound like a con, but it is not. By being far away from the city give businesses a great opportunity of establishing warehouses and yards in the middle of the commute.

Locations reserved for industries:

Within the city boundaries of the city of White Rock, industries are only allowed in zone 7 of the city along the coast [3]. Industrial and farmland are also located on the route up north towards Surrey along Hughway 14.

Areas with Heavy industries

Though the city of White Rock hosts a couple of metal industries, you will find most of the heavy industries in the nearby town of Surrey. Most of the warehouses are in zone 7 of the city along with Roper and 16th Avenue. Along King George Boulevard, there is a warehouse of ER steel. On highway 15 with direction toward Surrey, you will find most steel fabricators.

In the outskirt of White Rock, BC toward Surrey on highway 15, you will also find plastic and domestic use product manufacturers. Some of the big names in the area are Dickinson manufacturing and Unitran manufacturing.

Major heavy industry employers

Few major employers in heavy industry are:

  • Westminster Industries

  • Pacific West Industries

  • Fasteel Industries Ltd.

  • Driver Industrial

  • White Rock Iron Products Ltd

  • Fastenal Canada

  • Titan Manufacturing

  • K Tech manufacturing