Get to know the industrial zones of Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada

Explore more details before you rent space.

Facts and Figures

Located in Ontario, Canada, Sudbury is officially known as Greater Sudbury. 161,531 people were living in the city as of the 2016 Canadian Census. It occupies the fifth largest land area in Canada and the largest in Ontario. The mining industry dominated Sudbury's economy for most of the 20th century.  As of now, only 6,000 people are employed by mining in the city, although mining supply companies and services employ another 10,000 people. In 2006, Greater Sudbury's labor force was 80% employed in services, with 20% in manufacturing.

Why Sudbury, Ontario 

Well, there could be plenty of reasons for you to move your business to a city but among them, the most important is the city location and transportation network. For heavy industries like construction, mining, oil, and gas, affordable and easily accessible lands for warehouses, yards, or industrial shops are vital. Given all this let's see the advantages, city of Sudbury offers to your business. 

Proximity to markets and transportation networks

Three major highways intersect in Sudbury (Hwy 17, Hwy 69 - just north of the 400 - and Hwy 144). There are currently four airlines serving the Greater Sudbury Airport, including Air Canada, Bearskin Airlines, Porter Airlines, and Sunwing Airlines. Sudbury is a destination as well as a transfer point for passengers and goods traveling north and south in Ontario, according to Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway [1].

An existing trade hub

Providing many services to Northeastern Ontario, Sudbury is also a regional service center. Having a warehouse or yard here would serve a greater potential [2].

Locations reserved for industries: 

 Zoning By-law 2010-100Z [3]of Greater Sudbury came into effect on September 29, 2010.  According to the zoning bylaw, zone M3 and M4 are reserved for heavy industries and mining respectively, whereas zone M5 is reserved for extractive industrial activities. Minimum lot areas in zone M3 and M4 are 1500 square meters and 1 hectare respectively. While for zone M5, there is no limit on the minimum lot area. All of these industrial zones are located outside the Ramsy lake watershed area. The biggest portion of zone M3 is right next to Sudbury Airport, north of Alice lake or further up North of Garson constitution road. Mining zones M4 are located up North of Sudbury City in the surroundings of the Vermilion river [4].

Areas with Heavy industries

Most of the construction equipment suppliers can be found around Falconbridge road. Vale INCO has its refinery installed near Kelly lake. They have also a mine in the same area. They have other mining sites in the area between routes 35 and 55. Xstrata plc has its mining locations east of Sudbury on route 86.

Major heavy industry employers

Few major employers in heavy industry are:

  • Vale INCO

  • Xstrata plc 

  • FNX Mining Company Inc.

  • Teletech Holdings