Get to know the industrial zones of Sarnia, ON, Canada

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Facts and Figures

With a population of more than 72,000, Sarnia is the largest city in Lambton County and one of the largest on Lake Huron. Agriculture and petrochemicals are the biggest industries in the city and are the driving force behind the city’s economy.

Why Sarnia, Ontario

Site selection for an existing business or a new venture is a difficult and strategically crucial process. It is possible to carve out an exceptional competitive advantage for your company with Sarnia-Lambton since it offers:

Greater Market access/transportation: Sarnia is centrally located between Ontario and Michigan, making it an easy drive to 65% of the US markets. The city has international transportation connections via the Blue Water Bridge, deep-water port, CN Rail Tunnel. This is a trade corridor to the United States.

A free trade zone: The Sarnia-Lambton area is also a designated Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Point, which enhances market access for existing and new businesses alike.

Available Industrial and business parks: Sarnia-Lambton region has several existing industrial parks including the Sarnia 402 Business Park (an 85-acre development with all utilities and services located on Highway 40 at Airport Road) and the Sarnia Research and business Park (a 200-acre development also located on Highway 40 opposite to the Lambton College and the RBC Centre).

Locations reserved for industries:

According to the zoning bylaw of the city [2], there are in total 7 zones reserved for industrial development. Zone HI1 and HI2 are reserved for the development of heavy industries including Automobile wrecking establishments, Concrete batching plants, Storage of petroleum and petrochemical products. Zone HI1 has a minimum lot area of 465m2 while for zone HI2, the minimum lot area is 1400m2. The minimum yard widths are 15m and 22.5 m for zone HI1 and HI2, respectively. While the maximum lot coverage of 75 % and 60 % is allowed for zone HI1 and HI2, respectively. Zones HI1 and HI2 are located on the St. Clair river in the south of the city. The area is spread on both sides of Vidal streel south and east of St. Clair parkway.

Areas with Heavy industries

The biggest industrial complex in the city is Sarnia Regional Cogeneration Plant located on Vidal Street South. Shell Canada refinery is located on St. Clair parkway. VIP rail providing transportation solutions to Oil manufacturing giants in the area is also located on St. Clair parkway. Other oil industry companies in the area are Nova chemicals, Cabot Canada, and imperial oil. You will find most of the construction machinery yards in the backside of the industrial area at Modeland road. Most of the properties are also open for lease there. Car wreck yards and tire stores are mostly found on Plank road right next to Modeland road. Most of the warehousing companies are located right next to the Sarnia railway station.

Major heavy industry employers

Few major heavy industry employers are:

  • Sarnia Regional Cogeneration Plant

  • Shell Canada refinery

  • VIP rail ULC

  • Nova Chemicals

  • Cabot Canada