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The City of San Francisco is best known as the City by the Bay, and forms part of a metropolitan area together with the city of Oakland across San Francisco Bay. The City of San Francisco, without the other cities in its metropolitan area has a population of 881,549, where 71.1% of the population forms part of the city’s labour force.

San Francisco is serviced by three airports, namely the San Francisco International Airport, Oakland Airport and San Jose Airport, which provides linkages to several international markets as San Francisco forms part of the Great Circle Route. Railway services are provided by Amtrak and Union Pacific Railways. Union Pacific Railways handles the shipment of cargo by rail to other parts of the United States. The Port Authority of San Francisco maintains the port facilities for shipments to and from San Francisco. Road access to San Francisco is provided through the Pacific Coast Highway, known as California State Route 1. The Pacific Coast Highway passes through San Francisco and links it with the other cities along the coast of California.

Key heavy industries in San Francisco include shipbuilding, transport, manufacturing, the aerospace industries and the electronics industries. The Shipbuilding and Shipping services are under the Port Authority of San Francisco, with Piers 80-93 Eco-Industrial Area. These industries are located by 25th Streeton the North, Illinois Street on the West and Cargo Way on the Southern portion. Most heavy industrial sites are located alongside the ports, and other areas classified as heavy industrial sites under the Maritime/Heavy Industrial Categories are the Southeast Sewage Treatment Facility and the Central Waterfront Power Plant. Other heavy industries utilize Port property for heavy industrial designations due to the land redevelopment programs of the city which relocated these industries towards the waterfronts of San Francisco.