Get to know the industrial zones of Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, Canada

Explore more details before you rent space.

Facts and Figures

The city of Saint-Hyacinthe is located on the banks of the Yamaska River in southwestern Quebec. According to the 2016 Canadian Census, the population was 55,648. The Quebec Autoroute 20 runs parallel to the river.

Three reasons to invest in Saint-Hyacinthe Quebec:

Apart from being the agricultural technology hub of the country, there are a couple of reasons for Saint-Hyacinthe to be the perfect site for your next industrial venture [1]:

In the heart of North America's largest market:

Located along major highways and rail lines, the Saint-Hyacinthe region provides direct, strategic access to a market of 110 million consumers.

Low cost of doing business:

According to a global KPMG study on business location costs for cities with up to 500 000 residents, Saint-Hyacinthe has one of the lowest business location costs in North America. In North America, Saint-Hyacinthe placed second. The results were based on a company's operations over ten years.

Plenty of Industrial spaces available:

Businesses looking to set up shop in Saint-Hyacinthe can select from several quality properties with full services. Several industrial parks and industrial areas are located in the region, some of which are along the highway.

Locations reserved for industries:

According to the zoning bylaw of the city of Saint-Hyacinthe [2], there are industrial land uses within the industrial zone I: Low impact industry, Medium to strong impact industry, low impact Agrifoods industry, medium to high impact agrifood industry, and high-tech industry. Heavy industry uses like industrial-grade manufacturing, toxic chemical production, construction products manufacturing, warehousing, trucking, and salvage yards are categorized as medium to high impact industrial land use. Most of the industrial land use lands are located along Casavant O Boulevard. The industrial lands start at the intersection on Highway 20 and 137 and continue until the Pinard Avenue exit

Areas with Heavy industries

BIOFERMEC INC. is an agricultural chemical producer located on Casavant O Boulevard. There are also several plastic products producers on Casavant O Boulevard including VIF Plastics, Secco International, and ADP facades. Rad Equipments is located on Rue Martineau. On Rue Lamoureux, you can find several car wrecking and salvage yard businesses. There are a couple of lands also available in the area.

Major heavy industry employers

Few major heavy industry employers in the city are [3]:

  • Denharco Inc.


  • Rad Equipements Inc.

  • Groupe Goyette

  • PP Deslandes Inc.