Get to know the industrial zones of Redding, CA, USA

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Redding, California is one of the three incorporated cities located in Shasta County, together with the cities of Anderson and Shasta Lake City. Its location 160 miles north of Sacramento located on Interstate 5 makes it a midway point between the cities of San Diego and Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Redding has a population of 88,000 and is the administrative center of Shasta County, as well as the largest city in California, north of Sacramento.

Road linkages to the rest of California, as well as to the rest of the United States is accessed through Interstate 5. Highway 299 and State Route 44 link Redding to Nevada, while State Route 273 links Redding with Anderson and is an important truck route for freight. Airport access is obtained through the Redding Municipal Airport. Railway access to Redding is provided by Amtrak and Union Pacific. Union Pacific handles the shipment of cargo from Redding to Portland, Seattle, Sacramento and San Francisco.

Key industries in Redding are Machining and Fabrication, Small Aviation, Recreational Manufacturing, and Heavy Industries that deal with Forestry, Construction and Waste Water Treatment. Heavy industrial sites are under development in Redding, however, the 700-acre Stillwater Business Park in Redding is set aside for heavy industrial uses. Other heavy industrial sites include the Airport Business Park at the intersection of Airport and Knighton Roads across the Reading Municipal Airport.