Get to know the industrial zones of Red Deer, AB, Canada

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Centrally located in the heart of Alberta, at the midpoint between Edmonton and Calgary is the city of Red Deer, part of the Red Deer Corridor, the busiest transportation corridor in Alberta. Red Deer has an approximate population of 106,736, where 64, 824 form part of Red Deer’s Labour Force.

The Red Deer Regional Airport provides Air Linkages to the rest of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Highway links Red Deer with the 4.4 million people in Alberta within two hours, which provides Red Deer the added benefit of a central location in the busiest transport corridor in the province.

This makes Red Deer a strategic location for businesses that involve Warehousing and Transport. Aside from these, the key heavy industries in Red Deer involve Construction, Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas Extraction as well as Manufacturing.

The Construction Industry, supported by the Building Industry and Land Development Association of Alberta, as well as by Red Deer College, is centered around the areas of the Timberlands, located along Timberlands Drive; Capstone, located at the corner of Taylor Drive and 43rd Street; and Queens Business Park located at 75 Avenue and Queens Drive.

The Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas Extraction areas are centered around Johnstone Drive, Edgar Industrial Drive, Taylor Drive and the Queen Elizabeth II Highway towards the north of Red Deer.

Red Deer’s Manufacturing Industries are located in the northern portion of Red Deer, bound by the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, 50 Avenue, the David Thompson Highway and the Alberta Highway 11 A, which provides quick access to the transportation routes towards Edmonton, Calgary and the rest of North America.