Get to know the industrial zones of Prince George, BC, Canada

Explore more details before you rent space.

Facts and Figures

The city sits on the banks of the Fraser River in northern British Columbia, Canada, and has a population of 74,004 in the metropolitan area.

Why Prince George, BC

Wondering, why you should choose Prince George, BC as the next site for making your warehouse, yard, or industrial shop. There can be several reasons for it:

Low cost of living: The average house price and rent are consistently lower than any other mid-sized and larger cities across Canada and gas prices are often the lowest in British Columbia [1]

Good approach: Prince George is often mistakenly thought of as a northern city. The city is actually located in Central BC, and it only takes about an hour to fly from the Prince George Airport to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, or Victoria. Prince George is also accessible by highways 16 and 97, which provide business travelers with additional options.

Urban Environment: The city offers all the major amenities including nightlife, shopping, restaurants, winery, breweries, healthcare, higher education. In Prince George, you can get anywhere in 15 minutes, and there's great public transportation. There is the University Hospital of Northern BC and the BC Cancer Agency Centre. Well if you have all these amenities in a city, your workforce would be more than happy to live in Prince George.

Locations reserved for industries:

Industries in Prince George are usually found in the following areas[2]:

  1. Salmon River-Lakes (Electoral Area ‘A’) 1996

  2. Chilako River-Nechako (Electoral Area ‘C’) 1996

  3. Tabor Lake-Stone Creek (Electoral Area ‘D’) 1996

  4. Pineview (Electoral Area ‘D’) 2007

  5. Upper Fraser-Willow River (Electoral Area ‘F’) 1996

  6. Crooked River-Parsnip (Electoral Area ‘G’) under development

You will find most of the industrial space along the Fraser River or up north along highway 97.

Areas with Heavy industries

As per Prince George Area, Industrial Profile report [2] by the regional district of Fraser-fort George, the following industries are classified as heavy industries.

  • Mining - metal ore and- non-metallic mineral mining

  • Utilities - electric power generation, transmission, and distribution

  • Paper Manufacturing

  • Petroleum and Coal Products

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Primary Metal Manufacturing

A certain heavy industry is only allowed to be developed in a particular industrial site [3]. The sites reserved for heavy industries include

Hart North

It is located 30 km north of Prince George, on the CN Rail line and Highway 97, giving easy access to the airport and port of Prince George and Vancouver.

Isle Pierre

A major transportation network and utility corridor are in close proximity to the Isle Pierre Industrial Site, located 45 kilometers west of Prince George. 0.5 km North of the site, there is a CN Rail line.

Clear Lake

The Clear Lake site is situated 20 km south of Prince George, close to major transportation networks and utility corridors. Highway 16 and hydroelectric infrastructure are accessible from the site

Willow Cale

Two kilometers south of Prince George lies the Willow Cale Industrial Site, which is within proximity to existing industrial developments and utility corridors. There is easy access to the Prince George International Airport, the Ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver, as well as the CN Rail and the hydro infrastructure at this site.

Major heavy industry employers

Few major employers in heavy industry are:

  • Timber West Construction Ltd.

  • Komatsu Mining Corp.

  • Canfor Pulp

  • Canfor Wood Products Forestry

  • TELUS Telecommunications

  • Prince George Refinery

  • Ritchie Manufacturing Ltd



[2] Prince George Area Industrial Profile report by the regional district of Fraser-fort George May 2008.