Get to know the industrial zones of North Bay, ON, Canada

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Facts and Figures

The city of North Bay is located in northeastern Ontario, Canada. Nipissing is named for its location on the shores of Lake Nipissing. The city has a population of 51,553.

Three reasons to invest in North Bay Ontario:

Three main reasons, why you should pick North Bay Ontario as your business home are [1]:

Low Business Costs:

The North Bay City Council has reduced industrial taxes by 66%, making them one of the lowest in Ontario. The City of North Bay has eliminated industrial development fees and implemented a 20-year strategy to reduce commercial taxes.

Municipal Incentive Programs:

Aside from having a low industrial tax rate, North Bay provides several financial incentives that assist in partially offsetting operating costs as well as capital expenditures. Combined with Municipal, Provincial, and Federal incentives, industrial parks provide fully-serviced land at attractive prices and offer a choice of parcel sizes and locations.

Land at a competitive price:

Several Municipally Owned Sites are Available for Development in North Bay, including 600 acres of fully serviced land for sale or lease at North Bay Jack Garland Industrial Business Park, and commercial acreage at the south entrance to the City, all at competitive prices.

Due to its proximity to major transportation routes and access to an advanced telecommunication network, North Bay's industrial properties are an excellent choice for expansion or relocation.

Locations reserved for industries:

According to the zoning bylaw of the city [2], there are nine industrial zones in addition to industrial parks: Light Industrial M1, General Industrial M2, Heavy Industrial M3, Restricted Industrial M4, Industrial-Commercial MC, Railway MR, Industrial Business Park MBP, Industrial Air Park – Airside MAP-A, and Industrial Air Park – Groundside MAP-G. Contractor yards, recycling center, transportation terminal, warehousing, and waster transfer stations are allowed in both zones M2 and M3. While salvage yards and heavy industry uses like manufacturing, assembling, processing, or other treatment of goods, substances or things including, but not limited to, refineries, foundries, chemical plants, or mills are only permitted in Zone M3. According to the bylaw, the maximum lot coverage and front yard setback should be 50% and 15 m for zone M2, respectively, while 70% and 15 m for zone M3, respectively. Lands belonging to zone M3 are located on Regina street, Wallace road, and Elloy road. The biggest portion of zone M3 land (approx. 24 acres) is on Wallace road near Wickstead Avenue and 124 acres on the 500 Elloy road.

Areas with Heavy industries

Northland Glass & Metal Ltd is located on Vodoo Cresc. Road near the airport. There are also a couple of Drillers in the area associated with nearby mining fields. Bruman construction has its construction yard in the area. On Legault road, there is a cement plant and mineral exploration company Epiroc North Bay. On Elloy road, you will various mining companies including mining technologies international and steel and iron fabricators. There are several salvage yards and active construction sites in the area. Most lands are unoccupied on the western side of the Elloy road area.

Major heavy industry employers

Few major heavy industrial employers in the city are [3]:

  • Pronorth Transportation, Inc.

  • Northland Glass and Metal ltd.

  • Atlas Copco Exploration Products

  • Voyageur Airways Limited

  • Fern Piche & Sons Limited

  • Mining Technologies International Inc.