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Facts and Figures

The city of Lethbridge is in Alberta, Canada. As of the 2019 municipal census, its population was 101,482. It is a center of commerce, finance, transportation, and industry in southern Alberta.

Why Lethbridge, Alberta

Well, there could be plenty of reasons for you to move your business to a city but among them, the most important is the city location and transportation network. For heavy industries like construction, mining, oil, and gas, affordable and easily accessible lands for warehouses, yards, or industrial shops are vital. Given all this let's see the advantages, the city of Lethbridge has to offer for your business [1].

• Approximately 275,000 people live in the trading area of Lethbridge. This makes the city itself a huge market.

• The city of Lethbridge provides low operating costs by saving on taxation, utilities, labor, and transportation. In Alberta, there is no payroll tax, sales tax, provincial capital tax, or tax on financial institutions in the province, making it among the lowest combined average rates of federal and state corporate income tax in the country. There is no Machinery and Equipment Tax in Lethbridge, which is a further benefit to businesses.

• By highway, rail, and air, Lethbridge has easy access to Western Canada's major markets.

Locations reserved for industries:

The current Land Use Bylaw of the City of Lethbridge [2] came into effect on September 1, 2020. As per the zoning bylaw, zone IH is reserved for heavy industrial development. This zone is intended for the development of intensive manufacturing and similar high-impact uses. There is no minimum land parcel size requirement. However, the parcel size is decided based on the rules of the development authority. Almost all of the land reserved for industrial zones is located in the east of the city, north of Crowsnest highway [3]. The majority of the land, marked as zone IH, is north of 26 Ave N and Cavendish road N. Some of the industrial lands reserved for the heavy industry also lie between 2nd and 5th Ave N.

Areas with Heavy industries

As per zoning bylaws, major heavy industries are also located in the east of the city. Churchill industrial park between 9 and 26 Avenue hosts more than 20 big industries including Lethbridge industries, Alggin Metal Industries, Sego Industries, and many more. Most of the factories produce steel products for civil and mechanical works. The biggest yard in the area belongs to PepsiCo Foods Canada. Kawneer is also located in the same area. There is also a quite huge yard of Ford motors between 1st and 2nd Ave.

Major heavy industry employers

Few major employers in heavy industry are:

• Triple M Housing

• Kawneer aluminum product manufacturer

• CP Rail

• H&R Transport

• Meridian Manufacturing

• Lethbridge Iron Works

• Lethbridge industries Ltd.

• Sego Industries



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