Get to know the industrial zones of Kamloops, BC, Canada

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Facts and Figures

It is located at the junction of two branches of the Thompson River and east of Kamloops Lake in the south-central part of British Columbia, Canada. Approximately 100,046 people lived in the city as of 2019 census reports.

Why Kamloops, BC

If you're thinking of moving your business to Kamloops, you're making the right decision. Kamloops offers far more benefits than just a good quality of life. A strong logistics network, efficient transportation infrastructure, and a pleasant climate all contribute to Kamloops' great location.

Business incentives: To assist eligible businesses to realize their goals, Kamloops and the provincial government offer a range of incentive programs. Businesses are encouraged to relocate or expand using incentives like tax credits, tax reimbursements, payroll rebates, and R&D tax credits. In addition, Kamloops is ranked 10th among the Top 10 Micro American Cities of the Future 2013/2014 based on Cost-Effectiveness (FDI).

Great GDP outlook: There is an expectation of moderate and consistent GDP growth of 2% annually from Kamloops in 2022; the region's GDP will be approximately $4.4 billion in 2018 and up to $4.8 billion in 2022.

Locations reserved for industries:

As per the zoning bylaw of the city of Kamloops [2], there are four zones reserved for industrial development: I-1 (light Industrial), I-1S (Industrial Park), I-2 (General Industrial), and I-3 (Heavy Industrial). The I-3 zone intends to regulate industries that require extensive outdoor storage of raw, bulk, or extracted materials that may not be compatible with other uses. Zone I-3 requires access to major transportation facilities. The major part of zone I-3 is located on Thompson River opposite Tranquille road, next to McArthur park [3]. The area is called Mount Dufferin. A railway line also passes through the area. The area can easily be accessed using Highway 97. Some part of zone I-3 is also located next to Kamloops airport. The airport caters to the logistic needs of the zone.

Areas with Heavy industries

Domtar pulp with its huge industrial complex in zone I-3 is located on Mount Dufferin. It has almost 334 employees working there [4]. There is huge potential for yard and warehouse development in the area especially for the storage and handling of pulp products. Arrow transportation systems are also situated in the same area. New Afton mine is a Gold and Copper mine located 17 km west of the city of Kamloops. It is the biggest heavy industry employer in the city with 408 employees. The mine area is in the vicinity of zone I-3, where yards and warehouses can be developed. Mine area itself is designated zone I-1 and I-3. There are also CN rain yards located next to Kamloops North railway station.

Major heavy industry employers

A few of the major heavy industry employers in the city are [4]:

  • New Afton Mine

  • CN Rail

  • Domtar pulp

  • Arrow Transportation Systems

  • Suncor Energy Kamloops