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Edmonton: Figures and Facts

Edmonton is the capital and second biggest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, with a total population of one million people. It serves as a cultural, authorities, and educational hub. Edmonton is also used as a launching station of large-scale oil sands projects and mining activities.


Edmonton's average temperature is 3.1℃.

Location Concerning Other Major Locations

Edmonton is located in Aspen parkland, which is a transitional zone between the plains to the south and the mountain range to the north.

The majority of Canadian cities are also connected to Edmonton by direct flights. The primary airport in Edmonton serves as Western Canada's entrance to the Northwest Territories. Edmonton International Airport is located in Leduc County, about 10 kilometers south of downtown Edmonton.

Zoning Ground Rule

The Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800 lays forth the rules and restrictions for land development. The City of Edmonton has split into zones for land development purposes. What may be developed on a given property is determined by the zone in which it is located. At, you may see all of the current and proposed zonings.

Companies and Major Companies

Edmonton was dubbed as the "Oil Capital of Canada" in the 1940s. The province's oil industry is expected to contribute more than $71.5 billion and account for around 7% of Canada's GDP.

This city became the fifth municipal member of Alberta’s industrial Heartland. Its four industrial districts include the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park, Northwest Industrial, South Industrial, and Northeast Industrial.

Moreover, the state produces most types of oil products. Inside the province, the mine, oil, and gas extractive industry employs an estimated 2.3 million people. Alberta Motor Organization, AutoCanada, Inc., All Weather Windows Ltd, Chemco, EPCOR, and Fountain Tire Ltd. are among the region's major employers.