Get to know the industrial zones of Drummondville, QC, Canada

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Facts and Figures

Drummondville is a city located in the center of Québec on the river Saint-François, east of Montreal. According to the Canada 2016 Census, the population was 68,601. It is home to Canadian Bus manufacturer Girardin.

Drummondville is a great place to do business [1]

  • There are more than 600 manufacturers in Drummond, including several international ones, and nearly 2400 businesses and services;

  • Located strategically in the province's center. Drummondville is situated at a strategic crossroads in industrial Quebec, relatively close to Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivières, and Sherbrooke, and is only a few hours away from over 1 million consumers (70 percent of Quebecers are within 90 minutes by car).

  • Constant growth and expansion;

  • There are many industrial parks [2], which are equipped with all necessary infrastructure including an aqueduct, wastewater treatment, electricity, and natural gas. They have access to local public transport and national rail transport.

  • An airport that caters to businesses.

Locations reserved for industries:

According to the zoning bylaw of the city [3], the industrial zone (I) is allowed to have special, light, heavy, semi-heavy, and extraction industries. Within the industrial zone, outdoor storage of material is allowed except in cases when the material is to be used for manufacturing or when it is a finished product. The outdoor storage is not allowed to exceed 2.5 m in height. Therefore warehousing is almost essential for proper land management and not to waste a greater amount of lot area for storage. Most of the industrial lands are located in the southwest of the city at the intersection of highways 20 (Transcanadienne) and 55 (Transqubecoise), in Vitrine 55.

Areas with Heavy industries

Almost all the heavy industries are located at the intersection of highways 20 (Transcanadienne) and 55 (Transqubecoise), in Vitrine 55. You will find big manufacturers next to the highway and as you move away from the highways and their intersection, you will find small factories and warehouses. Girardin bus manufacturing company with its factory and huge bus yard is located at the intersection of highway 20 and route 143. The other two bus manufacturing companies Thomas and Transport Bourret are also located near highway 20 at Rue Canadien. Construction product manufacturers like Plancher Mercier and Soprema Polyiso have their factories and warehouses located at Rue Rocheleau. Most of the construction companies' yards are located along with Rue Haggerty and Rue Janelle.

Major heavy industry employers

Few major employers in the heavy industry sector are:

  • Planchers Mercier

  • Transport Bourret

  • Autobus Thomas

  • Girardin Autobus

  • Soprema Polyiso