Get to know the industrial zones of Cochrane, AB, Canada

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Figures and Facts

Cochrane is one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, and it will be one of Alberta's biggest towns in 2021, with a population of 34,467. It's also one of Calgary's statistical city areas and is a partaker town of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB).


The city of Cochrane receives a lot of rain throughout the year, with a yearly average temperature of 2.7 °C.

Location Concerning Other Major Locations

Cochrane is situated roughly 15kms north of the Calgary city limits, at the crossroads of Highway 1A (the spectacular route from Calgary to Banff) and Highway 22 (the Cowboy Trail).

The Calgary Airport Terminal is about 45 minutes away, and major routes like the TransCanada Highway and Highway 1A are easily accessible. Also, it’s 243.32kms away from Edmonton International Airport and 372.89kms from Kelowna International Airport.

Zoning Regulations

Cochrane has a continuous and fast expansion up to date. Hence, the town administration has begun a comprehensive review and rewrite the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) to monitor land uses and advancement within the town accurately.

Companies and Major Industries

Infrastructure, retail commerce, agriculture, and business services are the primary industries of Cochrane. Moreover, the closeness of Cochrane to Calgary provides companies with the resources and possibilities found in a bigger city, yet in a small village setting.

Cochrane is an excellent place to start a business, not only because of its high quality of life but also because it has moderate semi rates and no corporate tax. Economic development is supported by a range of business staff retention efforts that are reimbursed through a business licensing fee.