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Facts and Figures

Brandon is the second-largest city in Manitoba. Located on the banks of the Assiniboine River in the southwestern corner of the province, it is approximately 214 km (133 mi) west of Manibota and 120 km (75 mi) east of the Saskatchewan border. The population of its metropolitan area is 58,003.

Reasons to invest in Brandon Manitoba [1]:

Located in the heart of a large trading area, Brandon is accessible by major transportation systems, has a strong labor pool, and has low utility rates. Brandon offers several comparative advantages:

Low business costs

  • #1 in Canada for lowest manufacturing costs

  • Electricity at lowest rates in Canada

  • Labor Costs in Manufacturing are the 8th lowest in Canada

Infrastructure & Location

  • Bakken Oil Field is 1 hour away

  • Flights from Calgary with WestJet every day

  • A trading area of 180,000 customers

  • Located in the middle of the continent

A multimodal transcontinental transportation system

Brandon boasts two major highway systems, as well as two Class 1 railroad systems. There is a Trans-Canada Highway (#1) that runs east-west through the city, while Highway #10 runs north-south

A competitive municipal business tax system

The municipal taxes in Brandon are very competitive with those in other Canadian cities. Brandon has been ranked 3rd lowest of 34 Canadian cities surveyed in KMPG's International Guide to Business Location, Competitive Alternatives. The commercial mill rates in Brandon remain among the lowest in Manitoba. Business taxes are not levied in Brandon

Locations reserved for industries:

According to the zoning bylaw of the city of Brandon [2], there are three industrial zones: Industrial restricted-IR, Industrial General-IG, and Industrial Heavy-IH. Within heavy industrial zone IH, trucking, warehousing, heavy manufacturing, recycling, and waste disposal, and salvage yards are permitted. The minimum site area, front yard, and height of the building in zone IH are 4048 sq. m, 6 m, and 46 m, respectively, while in zone IG is 697 sq. m, 6 m, and 31 m, respectively. Industrial zones are located in the eastern part of the city on both sides of Highway 110 and Victoria Ave E starting from 1st street. Properties near highway 110 are designated in the IH zone while as move away from highway 110, zone IG and IR properties start.

Areas with Heavy industries

Most of the IH zone dedicated lands near highway 110 are unoccupied and ready for development. There is a huge salvage yard on the intersection of highway 110 and Victoria Ave E. At the intersection of highway 110 and Richmond Ave., there are numerous trucking companies and asphalt-producing plants. At the end of Richmond Ave. there are chemical manufacturing companies including CF industries and Chemtrade. The biggest warehouse in the area belongs to Behlen Industries LP. Cancade is also located nearby.

Major heavy industry employers

Major heavy industry employers in the city are [3]:

  • Behlen Industries LP

  • Cancade Company

  • Chemtrade Logistics Inc

  • Modern Industrial Structures

  • Paul's Hauling